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I am a choreographer and documentary film maker originally from Sri Lanka.
Winner of the Kuopio International Dance Festival Choreography Prize in 2003, I made 16 major works internationally.

My motivation to produce work these days comes from trans-cultural collaborations with artists that take me to somewhere unexpected artistically. Making art with inspiring souls - using different languages of creative communication is what I live for - humanity needs it in these times.

Documentary films on a number of subjects and teaching summer workshops with my trusted team of colleagues is my new area of exploration. Dance, theatre, voice and music are central to all.

2016 will see the launch of Human Station Workshops in Portugal. For more news please join the Facebook Page

Contact +351-91-007-7001 / +44-781-453-9519 /


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  • Shadow of the Bull - Award-winning documentary about a young Andalucian bullfighter Cristoboal Reyes taking on the world to follow his dream


  1. Sophie Gargan
  2. Goldsmiths, University of London
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