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Dancewave, Inc. is a nonprofit arts organization that offers unique exposure to world-class, pre-professional performing arts training to New York City youth.

Dancewave brings together a diverse community of young people through dance education and performance. We believe that dance provides a forum for meaningful, positive exchange between kids of all backgrounds and cultures. Since its inception in 1995 by Diane Jacobowitz, Artistic/Executive Director, Dancewave has created programs that are challenging and artistically substantial, and which address young people's needs for individual achievement and group identity. Our pre-professional dance education and performance training programs offer young people a rare combination of high-level artistic integrity, educational rigor, and nurturing support.

Our programs:

* Expose students to various techniques and styles within a genre in order to develop the versatility required of professional dancers.
* Ingrain a sophisticated knowledge of dance history by exposing students to a wide spectrum of dance artists at various stages in their careers.
* Create a nurturing and challenging environment for every child and teen who demonstrates a strong inclination to develop his or her technique and performance skills.
* Approach students as artists in the making.

Dancewave's ongoing objective is to provide a larger constituency of youth and vulnerable populations throughout NYC opportunities to benefit from learning and creating dance.

With a student population that reflects the full range of NYC's economic and cultural fabric, Dancewave offers young people from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to learn, create, and perform dance together. Dancewave's faculty consists of professional dancers with careers in local and national dance companies who provide rigorous instruction that helps young people explore their creativity, develop technique, build self-discipline, and strengthen leadership skills.

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