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mumbai, India

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India | Pakistan | Europe | USA

Dani Sanchez-Lopez has lived and worked as a cinematographer in the subcontinent (India and Pakistan) for the last four years.
He has shot three features at the edge of Bollywood: Tamanchey, Ishqueria and San75, a political thriller to be released this year.
During this time he has also photographed several documentaries (The Journey Within, on the music scene of Pakistan; arranged marriage and history of food in India, or the raise and fall of an aristocratic family in Delhi), also music videos, and commercials.

His work has been internationally awarded. Best Cinematography at Hatchfest 2010 (by Rodrigo Prieto ASC), Best Cinematography at Goldeneye 2010 Festival for Cameramen, a nomination to the ASC Heritage Awards, Cecil B. DeMille Award, or the Jesse Epstein Kodak Award, to name a few.

Dani has taught cinematography and filmmaking in several institutions and film festivals around the world. He has been the head of the cinematography department in a film school in Mumbai and teaches cinematography seminars at FTII regularly.

His education meant traveling. Dani has studied Film and Visual Arts in Spain, the United Kingdom, New York and California. He received scholarships to study abroad at Cornell University and at Chapman University. He has an MFA in cinematography and is completing a PhD.

Dani is also a recognized visual artist; his exhibition #rituals is touring Europe at the moment.

He is also an avid film watcher, and he has worked in development and selection for the Sundance Institute and for the Mumbai Mantra | Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab.


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