Dan Coronado

San Diego, CA

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I am... Dan Coronado.

I feel that with the gifts I have been given, it is my job to capture the beauty in this world that God has created in little rectangularish pieces of artwork. To present them to you as best I can, and if for a moment make you thankful for what beauty you too have been given. The beauty in the world around us, and ESPECIALLY the beauty in your smile.

I am a Christian, husband, son, brother, friend, athlete, musician, artist, designer, cinematographer, photographer. I am second. I HATE cancer, because I LOVE people. I LOVE my wife. I LOVE my family & friends. I LOVE music. I LOVE being outside. I LOVE to travel (preferably by car). I LOVE my church. I LOVE charities (Charity=LOVE). I LOVE Action (of many forms). I LOVE Bicycles.

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