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K-Town, TN

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Living in TN after living in London for 8 years and NYC for 14.

Concert pianist, actor is what I used to call myself. Now, defining myself as one thing is not necessary. I am an artist in whatever capacity like anyone here on this site or anywhere else...

I am amazed at some of the talent I find here and am often inspired by it.

I have no formal training in making films/vids but I love doing it for fun.

Don't miss Bill Newsinger, MariaBowskill, Karen Abad, Loonachic, Matty Brown, Capucha and The Fibro Twins to name a few. All very different styles in this medium but all inspiring on some level.

Skype me sometime.

Skype name - shakespeareguy1
Twitter - DanHuston2


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