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I’m a french film director for corporate films, commercials and television.
Versatile could be a right word to define my style...
... Because I like to work for documentaries, meeting people around the world, from Japon to Usa, to spend hours in a studio in front a green screen for a sfx film, to film models for L'Oréal or Yves Saint Laurent, to put my ideas in corporate films for companies like Nissan, Evian, Nespresso, Michelin, Longines, Renault... I liked to discuss hours with Christian de Portzamparc, Roman Polanski, Gérard Fromanger... I like to film people, to be close to them, to listen to their stories, discovering their country through their eyes. I like to find concepts. I have pleasure of wide architectural track shot, or close up, textures, macro filming, high speed camera. I like to put some pinch of motion graphics, to stay hours with the flame artist just for pleasure ... Directing Kristin Scott Thomas was a great moment, also filming a Ferrari with a Scorpio arm on a track for Michelin, or spent time with ceo from Danone, Nestlé, Bouygues...
All those moments were each time a new experience, a new discovery, a great moment in my life as film maker.

Versatile is the right word...

website : danielablin.fr

You also can have a quick space travel with the poetic short film "Even dead" episode 2. Enjoy it !

And for the pleasure, photographies are here :

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