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Daniela Croci alias ZOE graduated cum laude from The Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna majoring in Communication Design; her senior video thesis was entitled, “Aerosol Art as a Space Revolution." Upon graduating she started to collaborate with a many independent film production groups to make short films, documentaries, video-clips, and advertisements. In 2008, her career pursuit as a film maker brought her to live in New York City where she finished editing her first short film as director “Everything is as It Seems." This project has been selected and screened at the New York Independent Film Festival in 2010. Since then, she has created many music video clips, fashion editorial videos and commercials that she directed, filmed and edited. In 2013, she was the senior editor for the documentary “Off-Identikit ”, an amazing project which includes interviews of major artists such as Kenny Sharf and Ann Magnuson; this documentary has been shown on screen at the "Museum of Modern Art (MAMbo)" in Bologna, “Alfieri Movie Theatre" in Florence, and at “Spazio 522” in Chelsea, New York. Presently, she is the founder and art curator of “Exit Room”, an extraordinary art gallery and cultural space in the heart of Brooklyn.

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