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Daniel Bednarik is a Senior Consultant defining the funding and operations for a new immunotherapy approach that will be paradigm-changing and completely proprietary. Details are pending closure of financing. He was previously Director of Genomics and Bioinformatics for Cardiome Pharma Corporation, and was previously co-founder and Vice President of Cardiovascular Biology of Artesian Therapeutics, Inc., which was acquired by Cardiome in 2005. He has served as a consultant for Cardiome for two years and was subsequently hired in 2007 to develop genomic and proteomic biomarker programs to help augment and accelerate clinical trial design. The primary translational derivative for Cardiome was creating the largest known cardiovascular gene expression database for Gene Logic. Daniel Bednarik also served as a key scientist for the development of Human Genome Sciences’ (HGS) database and has over 28+ years experience in the field of virology with emphasis on HIV and herpes virus pathophysiology. He was co-recipient of a DARPA contract in 2006 where he and his colleagues developed a novel non-host method for rapid vaccine manufacture and deployment. Daniel Bednarik is very experienced in developing and managing clinical programs. His training was completed at Temple University School of Medicine (Philadelphia) in 1985, and The Johns Hopkins University Oncology Center (Baltimore).

Daniel Bednarik is very comfortable with both theory and application at the bench. On top of this foundation, he has a deeply rooted enthusiasm and curiosity about new technologies and biological discoveries that I try to expand upon from my knowledge base relevant to biotechnology and scientific discovery tools and the commercial and therapeutic opportunities they offer. Although Daniel is neither a physician nor a physiologist, he likes to seek out, absorb and integrate expert opinions in these and other key areas, being that he is a focused listener and a very quick study. He strongly believes this method reinforces conception of creative ideas for both technical and experimental problem solving and for identifying new targets for experimental inquiry and potential commercialization. Daniel is proactive and effective in facilitating interactions with industrial contacts that have benefited his collaborator’s laboratories programmatically in one way or another, and proactively tries to mesh his background and knowledge to complement those of the groups he collaborates with. His prior and current collaborative relationships remain grounded in shared discovery goals, mutual benefit, and mutual trust derived from sustained and effective professional interactions. As a result, Daniel Bednarik is delighted to engage in ventures that exploit these kinds of relationships while allowing these efforts to work together towards mutual scientific/therapeutic goals.

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