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Leipzig, DE

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Daniel Castellanos Reyes (b.1982) lives and works in Leipzig Germany

Considering myself as a time-based artist whose work deals with the de-centered or absent body of the “subject”, I question the different constructions of territory, memory and identity as metaphors for the human condition. I like to work with the paradoxes and uncertainties of life; therefore, I synthesize the media of video, performance, installation, writing, and drawing. By developing my projects through combinations of fiction and conventions of reality, I produce narratives and interpretations dealing both with subjects and subjects within social bodies. My work deals with the public in public spaces, and aims to develop alternative approaches, unveiling both new and old views of the world.

I have been included in collective exhibitions and art biennials both nationally and internationally; I have had solo exhibitions in Bogotá, and also participated in national and international artist residencies in Colombia, Italy and Brasil. In order to carry out these projects, I have earned local, national and international scholarships

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