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From snowy peaks to surreal sets, Daniel Cojanu is a versatile and dependable cinematographer. With 20 years of experience in narrative filmmaking, documentary and commercials, Daniel's eye for poignancy makes every shot a masterpiece.

Starting out as a news cameraman, Daniel has produced several TV documentaries in Romania, Iraq, Holland and the United States. While studying cinematography at Bucharest's National University of Drama and Film "Ion Luca Caragiale", his collaborations with director Gabriel Sandru propelled the pair to Cannes and Locarno Film Festivals for their shorts, Pentru o mana de bomboane (A Fistful of Candies) and Concluzie.

Following the festival circuit, Daniel embarked on an independent filmmaking career, working several international film productions in Romania and abroad. He was DP on the television comedy, Leana si Costel and the Romanian cultural channel's promotional ID's. Daniel worked as a camera operator (and 3rd unit DP for special effects) on Bunraku imdb.com/title/tt1181795/
starring Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore, Ron Pearlman, Kevin Mc Kidd, Jordi Molla and Gackt Camui.


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  • www.danielcojanu.com - Director of Photography and Editor -- Narrative, Documentary and Commercial
  • nothing fancy - Nothing Fancy is a Tumblr photography blog that i upload photos to while traveling and share other interesting stuff. Check it out!
  • UnderCurrent Productions - UnderCurrent Productions is a Cape Cod-based media production company serving the scientific, non-profit and business communities. We produce highly creative media presentations using both traditional and emerging technologies.
  • Me on Flickr - featuring hundreds of still images from 2005 to today


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