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Daniele Carli,

is a Sound Designer, Film Composer and Musician.
He is an highly creative and motivated sound artist with 5 years of experience in sound creation, editing and supervising of original audio content, with a background of 16 years in music and aptitude for organization and teamworking.
He is working collaboratively as Sound Designer and Supervising Sound Editor with the production company Land Varied International, Gruppo Alcuni and RAI Fiction Italian National Television and individual directors, involved in guerilla, cartoon, documentary, educational, narrative, sciencefiction, dramatic films; holding the roles of sound designer, sound editor, dialogue editor, foley artist, sound mixer and composer.
He recently worked on the film Red Hook Black (2011) by Luis Landivar (Land Varied International), on the cartoon tv serie Eppur Si Muove (2011) by Gruppo Alcuni and RAI Fiction; actually, he is working on Barry the Berry Bear and Abigail Ann (Land Varied International) and the documentary Noise.

He began first music studies at the age of six, he obtained in 2000 the degree in Percussion Instruments at the Conservatory of Music "G. B. Martini" of Bologna and in 2006 the degree in Sound Design at the Italian Institute of Musical Technologies in Rome.
His professional and artistic grown starts with classic and contemporary music, with the succeed of auditions and concours by which he started work from 2001 as timpanist, percussionist with the most important symphony orchestras in Italy and abroad; as drummer, latin-percussionist and vibraphonist with many jazz, rock blues, funky, latin and gospel ensembles and bands, playing in festivals and tournées in Italy, Germany, Austria, Russia.

In parallel with music, he followed the study of the creation of timbres, ambiences, sound effects for the cinematic market, telling his creativity through the use and the manipulation of the sound. After the degree with full marks (100/100) in Sound Design, he starts work on his personal projects like "Ipazia, Invisible City" a sound story freely taken from the novel Invisible Cities of Calvino based only on sound and text, the 3D animation movie "Elephants Dream" made by Blender Foundation, "White Clouds, Black Clouds" screened at Human Righ Film Festival of Los Angeles. Thanks to them, he obtained reviews and work proposals that highlights him as upcoming artist.



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