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Multimedia Artist focused on video-art, photography, experimental music, experimental sound art, multimedia environments, animation, experimental hypertext and net-art. His work is developed on digital environments and with a main focus on the use of new narrative approaches and semantic units interpolation.

His works have been exhibited in festivals and contemporary art facilities around the world, such as 2015 CAVIA’S Amsterdam Experimental Film & Video Festival (Filmhuis Cavia; Amsterdam, Netherlands), Festival de Film cu Licență Liberă (BVCC - Festival of Open Source Films) (Brașov, Rumania), Hörlurfestival 2013 (Sollefteå, Västernorrland, Sweden), Nit Electro Sonora 2013 (Flix, Catalonia, Spain), Estivales d'Art Contemporain (Ville de Sceaux, Île-de-France, France), Waterpieces Contemporary Art and Video Festival from NOASS (Latvia), Maumau Underground (Barcelona, Spain), Casoria Contemporary Art Museum (Casoria, Italy), Golden Thread Gallery (Belfast, Ireland), La Sala (Brooklyn, New York, USA), Cologne OFF (Cologne, Germany based; worldwide nomadic festival -Mexican Visions Program), B.A.N.G Barcelona Art Moving Festival (Barcelona, Spain), the 2010 Digital Graffiti Festival (Alys Beach, Florida, USA), International Digital Art Festival of the National Academy of Art (Sofia, Bulgaria), Screens program at La Clínica Mundana (Valencia, Spain), Universidad del Museo Social Argentino (Buenos Aires, Argentina) -among others-, and have been featured on many modern art focused websites. Most of his works are published under Creative Commons licences and can be downloaded, exhibited and broadcasted freely for non-commercial purposes.

He's also one half of the mexican-argentinean multimedia art combo "Panz4 Troupé", along with the argentinean sound-artist Sol Rezza.

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