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Daniel is a storyteller by heart. As a director he aims to create work that brings us into a realm of ‘Fantastic Realism’. His stories are layered with thoughts and things, big and little, whimsical, wretched and wonderful, that we normally wouldn’t see or associate with in our daily lives.

Sometimes it’s a world in which funny inanimate objects burst to life in front of little girls and where kaleidoscopic colored creatures roam the streets. The kind of fringe reality found in mostly in dreams. At other times it’s reality lifted up by a touch of magic, creating hovering, longing and lingering images of striking beauty. The sweet dreams that perfumes are made of.

His world is one of visceral beauty seen through the eyes of someone drugged with years of toxic heavy metal music and staring at vapid album covers.

His stories are his crafts. He brings them into life through music videos, commercials, interactive and even pieces where the digital meets the physical, such as floating holographic installations.

Daniel Nogueira’s work has been numerously awarded, winning Promax and Epica awards and receiving nominations from ADCN.

Clients include Sony, ABN-AMRO, Bacardi, Guess, MTV, and Orange.

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