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Daniel Treat attended the University of the Nations (Kona, HI) and studied Photojournalism and Mass Media Communications. Undergraduate program involved extensive international travel. While in the Republic of Georgia (1994 – 1996) Daniel co-produced a popular television program. He started VERGE photography Limited Liability Partnership and worked as a freelance photographer in the virtual tour photography market for IPIX, 1996 – 2000. This led him to a position as the head of digital photography at Group Publishing from 2000 – 2003. Daniel started and developed an efficient in-house system, and took on administrative and creative responsibilities for multiple departments. In 2003, Daniel moved into full time wedding and portrait photography. He has founded and developed VERGE photography LTD, as an innovative photography business in Fort Collins, Colorado, with a strong local client base. His 7 years as a business owner gives him excellent skills with customers, employees, and vendors. In 2008, Daniel was approached by Walker Manufacturing Company to fill a roll as photographer and video editor for their marketing department. After consideration, he accepted the position at Walker Manufacturing Company which launched him back into video production. During his time at Walker Manufacturing he has developed stronger skills in video editing, while producing the commercial photography and graphics needed to support the Walker brand. Daniel recently sold VERGE photography in September 2010.

Daniel has worked on providing photo and video visual content for 1615.tv for Superbowl coverage for Faith in Football, Colorado Mountain College, coordination and photo support for Walker Manufacturing Company, video editing and camera work for Golden Bells Camp, photographer for an orphanage in Uganda, Africa.

I was hired in September 2012 to help pilot City University for City On A Hill Productions. City on a Hill Productions and Christian Academy Louisville (CAL) are partnering together to create a new curriculum on the Art and Craft of Filmmaking beginning in the Fall of 2013. After the program is piloted, we will launch the curriculum nationwide for high schools and homeschoolers. I am very excited to be a part of this work that I strongly believe that God has begun.

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