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Fashion in Motion offers all aspects of digital filmmaking from concept to completion specialising for the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industry.

Coming from the field photography I have more then 20 years experience in the field of photo-production. In 2010 I decided to include motion into my work. From 2012 on I specialised more and more in producing motion and also focused on the complete post-production workflow from editing to beauty retouching. Today, I work with talented artist and operators in all part of filmmaking.


The world of photography and moving images are growing closer together and complement each other in a very powerful way. I believe in the power of moving images as a new form of communication. I love the work I do and work with people I like.


Making-of - concept development - storyboarding – shooting – editing – color-grading – visual effects work – title animation – beauty retouching – sound design – music licensing. The goal is to deliver moving images in the same quality as we all know it from the print word. For each job there will be a team suited for your particular demand. Starting from a team as small as one Camera-Operator and a Assistant to a large crew of ten or more people.

Alba Moda – Amazon – Annemarie Börlind – Diemer – E-Com Movie – IT-Girl Berlin – Hatico – Klekow Schmuckwaren – Mona – Peter Hahn – Otto Versand – Stylglobe – Versandhaus Klingel – Wenz – Wellendorff


Cameras: Black Magic Design 4K, 2,5K BMPCC,

Tools: Crane – Slider – Dolly – Gimbal – EVF- Field Monitor

Computer Hardware: Mac Pro, HP Dreamcolor Displays - Pegasus Raid

Software: FCPX – Prelude – Premiere Pro – Audition – After Effects – Mocha Pro – Speedgrade – DaVinci Resolve – Audition – Media Encoder – LogicX

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