Dani Shae Thompson

College Park, MD

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Before June 2013, I had never used a DSLR camera, never edited video or audio, and NEVER imagined how much I would come to love the art of video journalism in such a short time. This profile represents a growing collection of work from my time as a graduate student in journalism at the University of Maryland. I can't wait to see what my skills and work look like by my graduation in December 2014!


  1. Zerosun Creative
  2. Skout Media
  3. James Knightly
  4. UCLA Fielding SPH
  5. Balcony Nine Media
  6. Nancy O'Mallon
  7. Madcap Coffee
  8. Rosa Lente Productions
  9. Terrence Woods
  10. Taylor Lewis
  11. Alexander Glass
  12. GLP Films
  13. GK Visual
  14. Lindsay Simpson
  15. Woody Wilder
  16. ViewFinder
  17. Shannon Clash
  18. Taylor Cairns

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