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Danish Documentary is a company we formed, because we would like you to see our films. On our site you can buy some of the films we have made over the years, and in the future we want to create a catalogue of new and classic Danish high quality documentaries.

We work with documentary in a cinematic style, and the films we want to represent under the label "Danish documentary" will all have a cinematic approach to reality. Until now only a few of the many successful Danish documentaries have had an international distribution on DVD. Danish Documentary wants to change that by offering you strong and beautifully told stories from the real world.

Some of our films are "director's edition" DVDs. That means they contain exclusive material such as deleted scenes, commentary track and other bonuses – directly from the director to you.

Discover Danish Documentary – a taste of the real thing,

Eva Mulvad, Pernille Rose Grønkjær, Phie Ambo, Mikala Krogh og Sigrid Dyekjær

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