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Fort Worth, Texas

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Hi. I am an amateur photo/video hobbyist. In 1991, I took a college B/W photography class using the classic, fully-manual Pentax K1000. We developed the film ourselves and made the prints in a darkroom. It was a great experience.
These days, most of my photos and video are captured with a Nikon Coolpix P80. Here are the exif (meta tag) properties from an image file taken with this camera. I mostly use automatic settings.
F-stop: f/6.3
Exposure time: 1/427 sec.
ISO speed: ISO-64
Exposure bias: 0 step
Focal length: 84mm
Max aperature: 3
Metering mode: Pattern
35mm focal length: 486

Here are the file properties from a video file shot with this camera:
Frame width: 640
Frame height: 480
Data rate: 4423kbps
Total bitrate: 4487kbps
Frame rate: 15 frames/second
Bit rate: 64kbps
Channels: 1(mono)
Audio sample rate: 8 kHz

I want to upgrade to a camera that can shoot better sports video; something that has good zoom; something that handles artificial light (outside at night).


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