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Danna Kinsky masterfully captures the visible and hidden worlds through her lens as she travels the rivers of imagination and human experience. She brings to life images that stir the soul, awaken memories, and etch the heart forever.

She has extensive knowledge in both documentary and cinematic techniques with over 15 years of experience in cinematography and still photography, shooting in multiple formats including film, HD, BetaCam, and RED. She has shot narrative and documentary features and shorts, music videos, live music, commercials, PSAs, reality TV, corporate events, and web series.

Her clients include ABC, APTN, WNBC, PBS, MTV, AT&T, MUN2, VOOM HDTV, JCS, Goldenvoice, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Humble Films, Truemanity, Artists House Music, Channels 1, 2, 10 and 8 in Israel, and many more.

I am located in West Hollywood, and am free to travel anywhere in the world. 
For more information feel free to contact me anytime via email:

Links to my work:



Some films I have shot or am currently shooting: 

We Have To Stop Now

Out of the Dust

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