Danny Schutt

Costa Mesa, California

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I am an artist living in Costa Mesa, California. I offer original paintings and limited edition prints of my artwork. I focus on creating work that people can relate to in their own way. These ideas are conveyed through simple, static, isolated imagery and stem from larger series of paintings shown in galleries throughout Southern California.

I am influenced by a strong DIY family, found objects, the ocean (and being in it), modern world history, books (Steinbeck, Kerouac, Solzhenitsyn, Crane), and the decay and regrowth of the world around us. A slow recovery from paralysis and the life threatening cancer that caused it has also influenced my work and has really helped open up this passion for creating art on a much deeper level.

I feel that a personal connection to my work is very important and adds a warmth that cannot be replicated or faked. Because of this feeling, I don’t cut corners. There are no printers or other large batch operations involved. Each limited edition print and original painting is hand made by me. I spend a lot of time selecting the paper, inks, wood, and other supplies necessary to create each piece and dedicate hours of research perfecting each idea into a tangible and visually appealing piece of work. This is my passion and I am thrilled that I get to share it.

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