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Livermore, Ca

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I'm a Digital Filmmaker, Husband, Father & Friend, yet not necessarily in that order. I love all sorts of stuff, of course, movies, music, books and the arts. I also have two dogs, and must say, they are better than cats... but only because cats make me sneeze. I also have to admit to liking food a bit too much... Sushi is an addiction for me, and sipping on a Cafe Mocha at Starbucks is one of my favorite things to do, especially with good friends and conversation.

I love creating movies about life. Documentaries, Events, Educational, Features, you name it, if it's real and people are involved, I love it.

I also really enjoy photography, even though I don't take enough pictures to do it justice. I'm an avid reader, card-caring Kindle die hard, and almost exclusively read non-fiction. It's all about learning for me.

Last, but definitely not least, I'm proud to say I am married to the best women on this planet and I have the two best kids on the planet. Okay, you might think I am exaggerating here, a little bias, sure, but trust me on this one, they are great and I am very lucky.

So that's a quickie about me, I hope you like my digital film masterpieces and please subscribe, comment and let me know you're alive. I like meeting new people!

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