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I started out acting in theatre in the mid 90's in Dallas after spring board diving my way through 2 years of a college theatre program in Arkansas. (Got an acting scholarship and an athletic one).

Once back in Dallas, I developed a lengthy credit list performing Union gigs on stage and screen. In 1998 I took a contract at DisneyWorld and joined Actor's Equity Association. I spent a year as a cowboy at on the largest (# of head) cattle ranch in America between acting contracts.
After my last Disney contract, I began to chase my dreams behind the camera. I could see the Digital Wave coming to shore in 2003 so I started paddling and caught it. I finally graduated from Utah Valley University with a BS in Digital Media in 2008. While in school the Utah Film Market sucked me in as I was the most experienced black actor that had ever set foot in the beehive state since it was constituted in the late 1800's.

Living in Utah for now, I produce, direct, act, edit, etc. on both sides of the camera doing documentaries, television, feature films, original live theatre mashed up with film, photography, e-learning, motion graphics and anything else I can get my hands on to creatively contribute to the world of beating hearts.

I like to work with honest, transparent, fun-loving, people, because that's the way I like to roll! I have been looking for a person ready to invest in some great media, because I've collected rights to numerous marketable and compelling stories. Hit me up if you want to help make that happen.

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  • Youtube - Mostly acting tips, and the occasional laugh out loud sattire.

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  1. Am I delirious or did Will Smith just get credit for my performance... or was it a recreation of his... recreation of a novel. Nevermind... this would have been better with Manaquins like those amazingly convincing and epic Old Navy Commercials.