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Welcome to Dansehallerne Vimeo Channel. Here you can have a look at all the different videos from the performances we present and all the other activities we have.

Dansehallerne is a dynamic hub and national centre for the promotion of dance & choreography.

Dansehallerne has at its disposal two stages and an informal foyer stage, where you can watch dance performances, which include a wide range of contemporary dance genres, both national and international.

Are you a professional dancer and choreographer you can get coaching, training and counselling, and in Dansehallerne there is also independent providers of dance classes for both children and adults.

In addition Dansehallerne is also part of several international networks that work to strenghten contemporary dance as an art form and the many players in performing arts, via exchange and collaboration.

The Dance Consultants Dansehallerne works purposefully with dance education in schools and institutions for children and young people in collaboration with municipalities across the country.

You find the main department of Dansehallerne in the setting of Carlsberg’s old mineral water bottling factory in Copenhagen. Dansehallerne also has a smaller department located in the heart of Aarhus in Jutland.

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