Daniel Moore

Newton Falls, Ohio

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My fellow countrymen,
I am a political activist, USAF veteran, USW union member, inventor, amateur comic, protest singer/songwriter who uses humor and music to help bring about a more peaceful, just and prosperous world. In order to do this in the shortest possible period of time it is essential that "we the people" challenge traditional ways of thinking about economics, people and profits.
I will be very honest with you. The present system is not sustainable and there are a growing number of people who are aware of this. These are dangerous and uncertain times and the power elites will do everything possible to avoid correcting economic weaknesses and structural deficiencies that threaten our future. Most bills coming out of DC are watered down and the banksters are resisting oversight and monetary reforms that will empower you and your community.
I assure you there is a Just Third Way and I invite you to stand with me and many others who are demanding the passage of the Capital Homestead Act. Centralized government is failing and a culture of dependency on these bought and controlled beauracrats will make us all slaves and at their mercy. Not on my watch. Time for a second American Revolution. Time to Play Politics.

Frustrated patriot,
Daniel E. Moore, a.k.a Big D

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