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I never went to school to study about film, I dont know much about camera but I do know that I love filming and this is my result after one year :-) Add me on facebook or email me...ask me any question about filming...If I have the answer I am happy to help. You might inspire me more then I inspire you. Anyway this is me - facebook.com/daomay Add me on facebook if you want, I don't do much apart from making cool videos. So far my FS700 has bought me nothing but joys. Here is my email daomaykeo@gmail.com. if anyone any to contact regarding anything I am here to help...there is nothing in this world that make me happier then helping and sharing what I love which is film. I have over 330 people following me...Im over the moon. Never in my life would I thought I would have over 300,000 views in just over a year. I will keep making awesome video and I hope you all do the same. This is my fun projects works I do with friends and my son. Now I am shooting with the SONY FS7. Please try not to send me email too much...cause I get so many email in day. add me on facebook and I will be able to help with lots of stuffs...I use facebook more then my email. Thanks

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