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Darcy Ward’s love of filmmaking can be traced way, way back to the bitterly cold backcountry New Zealand. Way, way back to his grandad Trevor Booth.
Trev was an avid photographer who possessed a creative eye and a quiver of cameras lenses and other photographic fodder and would often spend his time capturing imagery of everything around him – mountains, weddings and glaciers.
“My grandad had a dark room set up at his house and I remember looking through all his imagery of old buildings and landscapes and just general moments captured over time and thinking ‘this is amazing that you can capture memories and moments in life’ and when you see that image it’s like you can have a connection to it and almost relive it. Wherever he went he took his cameras with him. It was part of him,” remembers Darcy.
Then in August of 2009, Trev passed away, leaving Darcy his quiver of cameras, lenses and flashes and from there, Darcy’s love affair blossomed.
Darcy would spend days capturing happy-snaps of friends and surfing around Gold Coast and Northern NSW while juggling an apprenticeship as a glazier. However, the ocean kept calling, so Darcy stashed his sheckles away until he mustered up enough to splurge on a Canon 7D. It was at that same moment Darcy ditched the glass tools and dedicated his days to capturing some of the most spectacular moments the Gold Coast was dishing up and creating memories of his own.
Then came another career change, at the insistence of friend and professional surfer Noa Deane, Darcy flipped the switch on his camera and began shooting motion.
Noa leant Darcy one of his old man’s tripods and the rest is history.
“I felt I there’s so much more you can do with motion to make it unique and personal to really set a mood. I think you can create more emotion compared to shooting stills,” reckons Darcy.
The right people noticed his constant work, dug his vibe and from there the jobs began trickling in and suddenly his resume began to bulge with clients keen to get a piece.
Acclaimed filmmaker Talon Clemow mentored him and urged him to branch into commercial work and expand his portfolio.
At the time of writing this piece Darcy has worked for everyone from interior decorators to wedding planners, television producers, Red Bull, Surfing’s governing bodies as well World Champion surfers and surf brands.


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