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Thierry Canon is a multi-talented creative with 15 years of experience as a digital artist, a VFX Supervisor and as director of commercial spots and music videos.

After graduating at the Ecole des Gobelins in 1997, he specializes in 3D/2D post-production, and develops visual aesthetics by creating dream like atmospheres. He uses the designer signature "Dareoner" for his work, which is soon recognized and rewarded by the French and the international press. See more…

Then, as director, he applies his know how to live shooting, which he enhances with his VFX creations, extending his experience of actor directing and staging. Using his knowledge of post production, he worked on the VFX of each of his films and export his expertise.

Today, as director and graphist represented by several companies, Thierry Canon works as freelance, offering therefore the plurality of his artistic and technical skills to numerous projects.


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