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Darius Devas is a self taught filmmaker who has never followed a set path, instead always creating opportunity from the world around him. He is currently in post production on his underwater experimental surf project Within, as well as developing his interactive documentary series This City Speaks and writing his second feature script. Darius’ interactive documentary series Goa Hippy Tribe (2011), won the 2012 SXSW Interactive award for Film & TV and was selected for IDFA 2011 and nominated for the Banff World Media festival awards. In 2009 Darius directed his first micro budget feature film, Further We Search (2009) the lead actor in the film, Xavier Samuel has since gone on to receive Hollywood fame. Darius also directed the short film Tea (2009) as part of the FTO Young Filmmakers Fund. Success with his travel film One Revolution (2006), gained him work as a content producer with Lonely Planet TV, working on their then new online TV channel. Darius began filmmaking straight out of school in 2003, making a series of surf films.

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