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  1. VFX

    by StatoStado subscribed to

    35 Videos / 8 Followers

  2. VFX Breakdowns

    by Ali M Aboud subscribed to

    677 Videos / 1,900 Followers

    Feel free to send your reel link to be added to the channel.

  3. ITS ART Mag Channel

    by eightgr subscribed to

    87 Videos / 116 Followers

    Official itsartmag.com Channel New! : Promote your vimeo videos on CG Gallery : http://cggallery.itsartmag.com , just click submit videos to link your vimeo videos in CG gallery Just a few videos…

  4. The Mari Channel

    by peter aversten subscribed to

    47 Videos / 206 Followers

    Mari Painting and lookdev videos. Show your workflow and inspire us. Feel free to contribute with anything mari related, To add something, give one of our admins a shout to have your project included.…

  5. Punch Brush

    by creaturecreator1 subscribed to

    12 Videos / 6 Followers

    A collection of outstanding 3d sculpting, texturing and modeling work

  6. MARI Tutorials

    by The Foundry subscribed to

    57 Videos / 313 Followers

    Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the most demanding VFX texture and matte painting artists, MARI is a 3D digital paint tool that will revolutionise your workflow. Capable of handling…

  7. Texturing

    by fause subscribed to

    2 Videos / 2 Followers

  8. Texturing

    by Paweł Ruszkiewicz subscribed to

    18 Videos / 4 Followers

  9. Game Cinematics

    by Meradi Omar subscribed to

    331 Videos / 540 Followers

    The 1st vimeo channel for all game cinematics. Includes all trailers, openings, making of, reels, and advertise about video games

  10. The Reels - The Official Demo Reel Channel on Vimeo

    by Karen Abad subscribed to

    670 Videos / 10.2K Followers

    This is a Channel dedicated to showcasing the bestest Demo Reels by the talented members on Vimeo.

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