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  1. Producer Spotlight

    1 video

    Whole Foods Market carefully curates the items on offer in its stores, taking care to investigate both ingredients and production methods. The Producer Spotlight series features two of our vendors who have carefully honed their skills and produce something that Whole Foods Market is especially proud…

  2. Senses

    3 videos

    Some people understand food and drink on a deep level, viewing food or drink through a personal lens, with more finely-tuned senses. In our Senses series, you’ll meet Gerry Leary, blind since birth, roasts and sells fine coffee. He describes the shape of a thousand aromas and detects the sound…

  3. Grow

    3 videos

    The Grow series focuses on people who refuse to allow the constraints of living in urbanized areas to stop them from reaping the rewards of farming. These individuals are at the forefront of a diffuse urban farming trend. Martina Fugazzotto in Brooklyn, Heidi Kooy in San Francisco and Diane Picard…

  4. The Curious Adventures of Kirk Lombard

    4 videos

    The Curious Adventures of Kirk Lombard series follows forager, musician and haiku improvisational master Kirk Lombard on his journeys in search of nature’s edible delicacies. Kirk considers himself off the grid, but not in the way most define the phrase. To this city dweller, living off the grid…

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