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D/\RK TIMBERS // was born out of the pursuit of creating an apparel company that represented the way we live combining unique styles with function. We are stationed in Salt Lake City, Utah at the base of the massive Wasatch Mountain Range. Our interests are in the mountains, biking, skiing, climbing to name a few. Here at Dark Timbers we try to live the mountain life and create apparel that has unique design and functions in the mountains and the city. We started Dark Timbers to give others a quality brand that they feel represents their lifestyle.

We love design, craft and quality products. To honor this we have moved our production away from China to North America to increase quality. Unless more and more companies work on bringing production back to North America our economy will continue to suffer and we will keep supporting the production of over seas products that are built to break and fail so that we will keep buying them. People should not have to keep buying the same things over and over again because they are made poorly. To prevent this we oversee the
production process and make sure quality and craft are the first considerations.

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