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Darren L. Gill is a Photographer, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor, with Gill Property Solutions, LLC. and stepfather of 4 currently residing in the Seattle,WA area. With more then ten years of customer service experience, Darren approaches his clients and associates with a service mentality always looking to over deliver.

Darren's current goals include expanding his Real Estate network nationwide with a focus of providing investments of great value to investors, as well as helping those who desire to own their own homes, with creative solutions.
Being a catalyst for providing affordable housing is also a constant priority for Darren and his team.

Darren is an avid sports fan, especially football and basketball, and enjoys his time spent with family & friends. His aspirations combine his love of music and visual arts by venturing into producing music videos and motion pictures in the near future.

Darren is a visionary, always looks for new and unconventional ways to do tasks. Always willing to learn new techniques and adapt them to the projects he is working on. He is never afraid to ask questions, network, and help others with their problems.

Darren is a devoted father & husband. He is dedicated to the children's success by spending all his spare time teaching, attending activities, playing sports with them. He supports his wife with her fashion designing endeavors and business opportunities and she assists him with his photography & business endeavors.

Darren can be reached at:

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