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June 2008: actor in the length film « la Estrella » by Ninar Esber
February 2009: director of the skateboard video clip « trip in Bordeaux with… » awarded by the skate brand Vikteam (sponsoring deal)
March 2009: creator, director and actor in music video clip « Hot Mojito » by Splif Production* awarded by Dailymotion (the web site has posted our video on their homepage.)
February 2010: stage manager in the short film « Jazz » by Gaël Lemagnen
April 2010: lead actor in the short film « Big Blind » by Natacha Caro
August 2010: figuration in the 1st episode of the web series (shoot in NYC) « In Between Men » by Quincy Morris
September 2010: creator, director and actor in the road movie (shot in the USA during 7 weeks) « Roads and Burgers » By Splif Production*, project awarded by the city of Bordeaux.
Febrery 2011:Video Director for Paint Ball Add
March 2011: Video director On Abolitionist Tour 2011 (From L.A to Austin/USA) by Planet LA Record (3 bands, 8 live performances): Cameraman & video editing
June 2011: Video director on Étonnants Voyageurs (Saint Malo/France) Cameraman & Editing to publish 3 videos a day during 3 days of festival.
October 2011: Video director On Floor Tour 2011 (MidWest/USA) by Planet LA Record and Native June. Cameraman & video editing
*Splif Production is a collective of audiovisual creation that I created.

Hot Mojito: dailymotion.com/video/x96lbo_hot-mojito-by-splif-prod_music
Other videos short clips that I realized: dailymotion.com/DartaTv

I’m working on Adobe CS5 since October 2010 for editing videos
I’m shooting with Sony cx550v & GoPro Hero HD

Name of band: Music Style: What instrument I play in this band: Web page:
With the following groups: Shows, recording (myself) and web promotion.
HelSinG: neo metal, bass guitar. myspace.com/helsinggroup
Grotaz Delirious: Punk rock Comedy, Drums. myspace.com/grotazdelirious
Splif Production: Electronique Hiphop, Rap & instrumental composition. splifproduction.com/
I'm a elctronic music producer and dj as E DartA: soundcloud.com/e-darta

With the following groups: Shows and web promotion.
Offshore Spirit: reaggae pop, Guitar & Bass Guitar. myspace.com/offshorespirit
Topsy Turvy: funk rock, Scratch & Rap

Other recording:
Wild Mundo: movies soundtrack project, Soundtrack that I recorded for movies. myspace.com/wildmundo

Project created for one just one live:
Kaophonik Symphonie: metal experimental, Bass Guitar.
Batouk: Batouk, Drums. Directed by Beñat Amorena.
Percussion plastic band: Percussion, Drums with pastic bottles. Directed by Romain Bodoin for Dax city Carnaval.

I’m working on Acid Pro, Sound Forge, Wave Labs, Reason, Ableton Live & Traktor

Add: I recorded a radio advertisement for an add contest and won the first price (2000euros).


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