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new york, ny

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i write and play all my songs on a 4 string electric guitar in my own tuning. my parents are baba lovers like pete townshend. lovers of meher baba. i'm one too i guess. i dance pretty good and i love to do it. i think it's because i have a little black in me. i'm 25. my parents bought me my guitar when i was 11. they also bought me drums when i was 16, but i suck at those now. i wait tables at a vegan health food restaurant. i'm not vegan but i like health food. my bass player michelle dorrance, aka mash deez, is the one who named me "deez". she is my best friend and confidant. we make each other laugh and she inspires me to make music. she's never played bass before and neither has our drummer ever drummed. but i love them both as people and i want to be around them. i met greg (drums) and cole (guitar) at the vegan restaurant. i used to play guitar for my friend andrew's band, creaky boards. during that time, i wrote and recorded these songs of mine on an old PC with a $200 mic, and now i'm just focusing on making more of my own music, videos, dance numbers, and mash-ups. we're doing our first full US tour in november, with bishop allen and throw me the statue. i just bought a minivan this week. now you're up to speed. (10/04/09)

freshest press nugs so far:

"totally fucking awesome." - nme
"really quite impressive." - the guardian
"infectious...hard to dislike." - brooklynvegan.commerbuddy

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