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I, George Ambartsoumian, was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 10, 1992. I became interested in the arts at the age of 14. I entered a college-prep high school, (Advanced Technologies Academy) where I studied Graphic Design. It wasn't until my senior year that I started to dip my feet into the 3D arts. I started out modeling, human figures and hard surface scenes. I was always better at hard-surface modeling, maybe because I am a more "hands on" type of guy and understand the way most things function. At the age of 18 I was accepted into the Academy of Art University, where I am currently working on my 4th year! I started my first 4 semesters out online, while I was working 2 jobs in Las Vegas. By the 3rd year I couldn't stay in Vegas anymore and had to move to San Francisco to take on-site classes. I am working for the Academy of Art University "Campus Recreation & Wellness" department as a designer. I am currently a student at the Academy in which I am pursing my degree in 3D Animation.

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