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Dave Contarino is a political consultant and strategist recognized for creating a winning strategy for numerous Democratic campaigns. In 2012, Dave Contarino played a pivotal role in a successful political campaign for Congresswoman Michelle Grisham who sought the Democratic nomination to run for the United States Senate. Grisham, who started last in the race, won, defeating two higher profile opponents.
As a senior adviser, manager and media specialist, Dave Contarino has led successful campaigns for more than 25 years. His client roster includes such names as Gov. Bill Richardson and Sen. Jeff Bingaman.
Over the course of his career, Dave Contarino has gained national repute for helping Democrats get elected. Contarino’s ability to create campaigns that encompass the central points of credibility, focus, resource management, and providing the best outcome for the American people has made him a top political expert. Among his collogues, Dave Contarino is also known for his cool demeanor and the ability to maintain composure during the heat of battle.
Dave Contarino started his political career as campaign manager to Congressman Bob Carr, chief of staff to former Congressman George Brown and then to former Gov. Bill Richardson. Dave Contarino worked as campaign manager for Governor Richardson in his 2002 campaign and as a campaign chairman in his 2006 campaign. When Richardson decided to run for U.S. presidency, Dave Contarino was once again chosen as the national campaign manager.
During his time with Richardson, Dave Contarino worked diligently with the Democratic Governors Association on governors’ races across the country to help guarantee victories for six new governors in 2006. His expertise helped Democrats secure the first Democrat majority of governors in more than a decade. Dave Contarino considers this time in his life crucial to his career.
In 2008-10, Dave Contarino led several political campaigns for the U.S. Congress as well as for the governor in Colorado. Dave Contarino is a firm believer that people, not politics, contribute to a winning campaign.
In recent years, Dave Contarino has served as a manager, media expert and senior adviser to Independent Expenditure PACs. In 2011 and 2012, Dave Contarino worked with Kentucky Family Values on successful campaigns for the governor as well as the legislature. Dave Contarino also spent the majority of 2012 steering the successful Patriot Majority New Mexico independent campaign to win legislature.
These days, Dave Contarino resides in Louisville, Kentucky where he is president of Contarino & Associates LLC. In this role, Dave Contarino consults with businesses and organizations and also guides political campaigns.
In his spare time, Dave Contarino enjoys spending time at his lake cabin in Kentucky with his wife and skiing the steeps at Taos with his children.

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