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I started working as a cameraman in the Broadcast and corporate video market when HiBand was pro and Betacam was an expensive dream. I started editing on AVID systems when they became affordable although my boss at the time still had to remorgage his house to buy it. I now film all my stuff on DSLRs and edit in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut and After Effects.
I presently work freelance as a cameraman/editor, outputting a wide variety of material that includes Company promos, Music videos, International art installations and short films, one of which won a Scottish BAFTA for innovation. I am currently finishing an ambitious new short film financed entirely with the money for our annual holiday, which meant a midge infested 4 days camping in Oban instead of 2 weeks on a beach somewhere hot and sunny. Sacrifice for art.

But that's the thing. I love doing this because you see and do things other people don't. Then have to figure out how to cut the whole experience down to a watchable 3 minutes.......