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There is nothing else that gives me the joy that nature does. I have spent most of my life exploring it's wonders and waiting for what mother nature chooses to bless me with so that I can share that beauty with you.

I grew up in Utah were at a young age I gained an appreciation for the outdoors and the natural world.
It was there that I nurtured a passion for photography. Reading everything I could get my hands on about the subject.

I moved to Alaska in my early twenties and lived there for ten years. while I was there I fell in love with it's landscapes and people. I decided to go to college in Juneau were I studied small business management and of course photography. They have a great program there and even better scenery to photograph. I spent my first two summers in Denali. and a winter inDave and his team on the Mendenhall glacier - Salty and Maggot in lead - Dave guided dog sled tours on this glacier for a few summers. The Mendenhall Towers are in the background Nenana taking care of a reindeer farm. I saw the temps. drop to negative seventy that winter. Most of my northern lights shots are from then. I also found a new passion in life that winter, dog sledding. I went forward after that devoting most of the rest of my time in Alaska to guiding dog sled tours in the summer and training/racing sled dogs in the winter. You have to be super devoted to this kind of lifestyle. There was not allot of time for other hobbies. Most of my time was spent in the bush or on a glacier. But I always Had a Camera in tow. I loved it. what can be better than the outdoors and dogs. I will take that over a paycheck any day. I handled for both Dean and Tim Osmar. (father/son) Dean is an Iditarod champion and Tim is a Yukon Quest Champion and has completed over 24 iditarods. Great guys to learn and mentor with. I raced there dogs in several mid distance races getting them ready for the Iditarod. I also trained with Many other mushers. The dogs I knew the best were Sebastian Schnuelle's. I ran his pups for five years ended up coming in First with Sab in the Yukon Quest and second in the Iditarod all in the same year. I was Soooo proud of them.

Recently I moved to Whitefish, MT and now turned my focus to one of my favorite places in the world, Glacier National Park. I work for the Park Service in the summer and guide sled dog tours in the winter, I am so blessed that I get to enjoy my two passions, training sled dogs and taking photographs.

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