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David LaFontaine has more than 20 years experience as a journalist, editor, and multimedia producer working on a variety of projects in film, television, print, radio, and the Internet.

He is a partner in Artesian Media, Inc., an Internet consulting firm, and recently completed a Fulbright Specialist program in Ethiopia, where he worked with journalists, pro-democracy groups, tech entrepreneurs and NGOs, demonstrating best practices in shooting, editing and posting online video. (The often-uneven results of those experiments sometimes litter my stream. Be kind. Most of the time, I'm working with cobbled-together equipment, computers that crash every time the power goes out - which is frequently, and low-speed bandwidth.)

David produces a series of case studies for high-tech startups, the Classified Intelligence Report, the NAA, the World Association of Newspapers (WAN), and the Online Journalism Review (OJR.org). He’s also a popular blogger whose work can be found on Sips from the Fire Hose.

His foray into “New Media” began in 1998, when he co-founded the Single Parent Magazine. He also worked as Managing Editor for Filmson.com, a film and video Web site that helped shape the evolution of streaming media.

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