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Dave is an actor, writer, and web video product manager. More importantly, he's a husband, father, and owner of an HD camcorder. He is not, however, an astronaut. Or a professional golfer. Or a garbage man. Not to say that he never takes out the garbage. He does. And the recycle bin. Go Earth. Just saying that he is not employed by a waste management company. Honestly though, Dave often revisits his dream of grabbing onto that marvelous steel garbage truck beast, riding on the back through city streets or suburban neighborhoods. And then he remembers: it sucks to be a garbage man. Sucks like a Dyson, which never looses suction (just keeps on sucking). Because your job is garbage. Not that being an actor is easy. It's a psychotic pursuit. It requires skill, dedication, and mental imbalance. Which is likely why Dave describes himself here in the third person and rants endlessly in both run-ons and incomplete sentences. Or maybe Dave just needs more sleep. Sleep good. Zzzzzz.

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