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Glendora, CA

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I am a nerd. I geek out on tech, XBox, PS3, line dancing, electronic music, photography and film editing. I've worked in law enforcement, but work with computers and multimedia for a SoCal city.

I worked on Hollywood film shoots for two years, met many A-list celebrities, then took a break after the writers decided to strike. In the two years that followed, I graduated fifth in my police academy class, and briefly served as a police officer in the Los Angeles area. When that city's salary scandal made national news, I resigned looking for a brighter future. My knowledge of tech affords me the ability to serve as a technology consultant for some clients.

My creative work includes:

Wedding videos
TV commercials
TV shows
My rolls on various projects have included:

Camera Assist (AC)
Camera Operator
P2 Downloader
Production Assistant (PA)
Final Cut Pro (7/X) Editor
... and I'm currently teaching myself Motion 5.

Software suite familiarity includes:

Adobe Photoshop CS
Adobe Illustrator CS
Apple Final Cut Pro 7
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Apple Aperture 3
Apple iWork '09
MS Office 2010

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