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Stafford, UK

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Dave has been a tutor in Music Technologies at Staffordshire University since 2001, teaching MAX/MSP, mastering and sound synthesis. He is a visual music composer and holds a PhD in Visual Music composition. His earlier research centred on sonification and auditory display and his composition ‘Listen (Awakening)’ was performed at the Sydney Opera House as part of the ICAD conference in 2004. His more recent work focuses on composition for Visual (Video) Music with an emphasis on electroacoustic composition and how this can be combined with abstract animation and video concrete. Dave also produces more mainstream Electronic music under the name of ‘PAYL’. and is looking at ways to integrate this more closely with his more 'academic' research.

Dave’s compositions have been performed at the Soundings Festival Edinburgh, MANTIS Festival University of Manchester, flEXiff Experimental Film Festival Sydney Australia, Seeing Sound Bath Spa, NoiseFloor Festival Staffordshire and the Undertsanding Visual Music Conference in Brasilia, Brazil

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