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  1. The Ice Society by Jerry Ghionis
  2. David Beckett
  3. Mark Nelson
  4. Irmgard Walthert
  5. rachel joy baransi

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  1. Good to hear Hendrik. This video was even better at second viewing! I hope we can work together some day..a photographer can always use a good videographer :)
  2. Hendrik, this is an awesome video! Fantastico. Do you produce videos for a living? :)
  3. I am loving it! Having first seen this style of graphic presentation a few months back, I'm glad to see someone is doing it in Amsterdam! Good job Birgit :). And yes, I will most certainly see you at the Pop Up- lunchtime onwards- and the next network…
  4. Great video David! The more I hear about Best 3 Minutes, the more I can see how so many people (including myself!) could benefit from your expertise. And what an excellent drawing capture too :)