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Roanoke Virginia Video Production

Dave Perry has worked in Roanoke Virginia video production since 2003 providing content for Internet, broadcast, corporate, and digital film production. Dave provides high production values through a cinematic perspective and years of experience. The advances in cinema imaging technology have made this more affordable than it has ever been. With the boom of Internet video and content outlets, this means that your message or story is no longer limited to one narrow avenue of distribution or production standards.

Dave has worked in creative professions all his life and has a critical eye for design aesthetics. The skills he’s learned in other creative fields translate directly to video production and editing.

Dave has had the benefit and privilege of working with many talented and creative directors, D.P.s, creative executives, and agencies on a local, regional, and national level. Dave has done video production on crews for NBC, Golf Channel, E! Entertainment, and Coca-Cola as well as video production and post-production on T.V. pilots and independent films. His production roles have covered Grip, Gaffer, Assistant Camera, Second Camera, and D.P. Dave’s roles in post-production have included Senior Editor and Project Manager.
Dave Perry is an award winning Roanoke Virginia digital film producer, and editor.

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