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Dave is the staff photographer and web content manager for Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Mont. Raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, Ill. he moved to the West U.S. when he was 20 years old, and he “is never looking back.” Dave has two passions, one for the outdoors and one for photography. To this end he spends much of his time in the ecosystems in and around Yellowstone National Park, to the extent of at least one trip to the Park each month of the year. This gives him a perspective on the wildlife and the ecosystem that few have. Dave is also an adjunct faculty member at RMC where he teaches middle and upper division photography courses. Working as the photographer for RMC, Dave’s assignments include all campus activities, from the academic to the athletic, which help keep his eye prepared for his next trip into nature. His extensive time in field shows through at online galleries which are loaded with images of North American wildlife and landscapes. To view his recent trips and his online galleries visit: ShumwayPhotography.com.

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