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    A passion for Kiteboarding and capturing sport, travel, people and places. Inspired to inspire. UK Pro & Junior Kiteboarding Champ - Australian State Titles Winner, VIC - Australian Nationals Open Men & Youth Event Winner.

  2. John Skye

    John Skye


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    I am one of the lucky ones that can call myself a professional windsurfer! Thanks mainly to RRD and Showergreen.eu, I get to travel and compete all around the world!

  3. RRD International

    RRD International Plus Grosseto (Italy)


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    Sometimes it's better to let the feeligs speak. It's what I have learned after the first time I got planing on a 1976 windsurfer. It is far more important to keep this clear in mind tha talk for hours about the last piece of technological edge we have found to be again ahead of time. It's…

  4. RRD United Kingdom
  5. Windsurfmoves

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