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Sydney, Australia.

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2014. Video Screening: ‘Le dessous des cartes’ (an exhibition by Leonora Bisagno commissioned by l'Œil d'Oodaaq): PHAKT Cultural Centre Colombier: Rennes: France. January 16.

2014. Online Survey: ‘Classwar Karaoke’ compilation (survey 0025): U.K. March/April/May.

2014. Video Screening: ‘Prokuplje Short Film Festival’: Prokuplje: Serbia. April 22-23.

2014. Video Screening: 'Exploding Cinema': The Peckham Liberal Club: Peckham Rye: London. April 25.

2014. Online Broadcast: ‘Delete TV’ (TV show produced by Rat Commander, London, and broadcasted on the OKTO webstream, Vienna, Austria). May 2.

2014. Video Screening: ‘WUFF’ Wellington Underground Film Festival (2nd edition): New Zealand Film Archive: Wellington: New Zealand. May 15-17.

2014. Video Screening: ‘Oodaaq Festival 2014’ (4th edition): Outdoor projection: Rennes: France. May 18.

2014. Video Screening: ‘Under the Subway Video Art Night’ (4th edition): The Local NYC: Long Island City, Queens: New York. June 14.

2014. Video Screening: ‘Festival Images Contre Nature’ (14th edition): Organised by Association P'Silo: Théâtre des Chartreux: Marseille: France. July 3-4.

2014. Video Screening: ‘The 12th Edition of flEXiff 2002-2022’: The Newington Armory: Sydney Olympic Park & Reading Cinemas: Auburn. September 19-20.

2014. Video Screening: ‘BIDEODROMO’ International Experimental Film and Video Festival: Pulimentos del Norte: Bilbao: Spain. September 21.

2014. Video Screening: ‘Szczecin European Film Festival’ (9th edition): Kino Zamek: Szczecin: Poland. October 4.

2014. Video Screening: ‘OVERVIEW’ premio arte Rugabella 2014 (4th edition): Villa Rusconi: Castano Primo: Milan: Italy. October 25 – November 2.

2014. Video Screening: ‘Cairo Video Festival’ (6th edition): Gezira Art Center, 1 Al-Sheikh Al-Marsafi St, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt. November 20.

2014. Online Festival: ‘The Streaming Festival’ (9th edition): Organised by the ISFTH foundation: The Hague: Netherlands. December 9-14.

2015. Video Screening: ‘Kala Ghoda Arts Festival’ (short film competition): Coomaraswamy Hall (museum): Mumbai, India. February 14.

2015. Video Screening: ‘Traverse Video’ (18th edition): École Supérieure d’AudioVisuel (ESAV) auditorium: Toulouse, France. March 20.

2015. Video Screening: ‘WUFF’ Wellington Underground Film Festival (3rd edition): Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision (formerly the New Zealand Film Archive): Wellington: New Zealand. May 22.

2015. Video Screening: ‘Hors Pistes Tokyo 2015’ (third edition): UPLINK theatre: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. June 20.

2015. Video Screening: ‘Festival Images Contre Nature’ (15th edition): Organised by Association P'Silo: Videodrome 2: Marseille: France. July 9 & 11.

2015. Video Screening: 'Exploding Cinema': Cody Dock: Canning Town: London. July 18.

A complete video CV from 2000 onwards can be viewed at:

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