David Arms

Nashville, TN

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I am a self-taught artist living in Nashville, Tennessee. My studio is behind an ivy covered wall just across the courtyard from the home I share with my beautiful wife and two daughters. Also sharing our home is Billy, the frightened dog who showed up in our yard and decided to stay. We're glad he did.

Over the years, paint has become my voice. Not only do I want to create beautiful images, but I want the paintings to speak. And my life message is hope.

I love home. Everything about it. It is the place I want to wake up to and the place where I want to lay my head. There is nowhere I would rather be. I love nature. Anything created by God's hand is an inspiration to me. I love to read. I love music. I love coffee. My idea of living life is one on one over a fresh cup. I love to sit around the large table in our kitchen with family and friends enjoying an incredible meal that is the labor of my wife's love.

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