David Brunner

Toulouse / Paris / South of Fran

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Comtaporary multifarious artist
Art Director
Mix Video Live and a performer
Web-design, photographer
Graphic Design
Artificial Environement
Vj and your Dj
My specific site is davidbrunner.fr

David Brunner uses emblematics objects of the electronic culture governed by the tendencis of fashion and design to create correlations with contemporary art, culture pop and the imagery of science fiction. It conceives si zones of friction, points of meeting. present VJ on the international stage of techno music, he exploits all media for his job artist plastic without hierarchy of type. His environnements are constituted of painting, sculptures, wall decors, photographs, numerical animations, etc.
It borrows readily from popular culture but also from scientific domain.

David Brunner, artist plastic video director and present VJ on the international stage of electronic music since 1997, models areas by his installations videos.
Original projections in every event are produced in form of series of animations and in direct mixed graphic creations. Very as a performance, it develops real-time and "in music" a correlation between the public and the artists.
Head of line of the veejaying, David Brunner, artist plastic video director is one of the first actors of this new discipline in France. The ancient member of the collective Inkorporation, his discoveries and meetings with them Pirate TV (Coldcut) took it to emblematic stages to the biggest dj of the international stage and the most emblematic stages (Justice, Soulwax, The rapture). Pointed out for these reactive multicoloured, dynamic and audio creations he uses numerous interactive means and securements by direct cameras for original inlaying real-time. It blends vectorand intuitive productions, of video art, a multitude of sources (5000 produced animations) and motion captures. having inspired pop culture, Russion constructivism and urban culture, he can assimilate some of these performances with the stage Berliner.

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