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Audiovisual artist who has been engaged in a wide range of media such as films, installations, interventions, sound, photography, murals and carnivals. Since his childhood, his passion for socio-political issues has lead him to use the arts in the form of music and journalism that he would later use as tools to document and communicate with his wider audience.

As a multifaceted artist, he has directed for advertising agencies, newspapers, feature films and T.V channels, along with charities and organisations that work not only with disadvantaged communities from northern Colombia, but also for youth groups and refugee organisations in the United Kingdom, the country where he has lived since 2007.
David has recently been involved with a Colombian NGO “Volver a la Gente” and IRMO (Indoamerican Refugee Migrant Organization) in London. This work has produced, video Installations, festivals, gigs and screenings relating to the political turmoil in Colombia and the United Kingdom, from a positive and proactive approach in order to generate critical thinking.

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